• Kevin Ace


    Fast and Furious, Fucking rolling stones


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    Unlike iconic films

    like "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," "Saturday Night Fever," "Titanic," "Top Gun," "Dirty Dancing," "Flashdance," "Shaft," or "Rocky III," Fast & Furious lacks a defining song. To fill this gap, I created "Fast and Furious (F***ing Rolling Stone)". The lyrics, narrated by Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto, delve into his life, experiences, and the spirited rebelliousness of youth.

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    The song explores

    the fiery and reckless energy of youth, embodying a sense of power and invincibility that often leads to impulsive actions and choices. The lyrics convey a nostalgic reflection on love, risk-taking, and the fleeting nature of time, encapsulating the essence of the Fast & Furious saga.

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    We've secured

    licenses for musical elements through a reputable international platform, covering various styles like voice piano, rock, funk, drill, etc. Our commitment to protecting against plagiarism is reinforced by a professional engagement contract. Visit "fastandfuriousthesong.com" to explore our ambitious project, where different song versions act as a deterrent against potential plagiarists. In case of plagiarism, legal action will be taken by the music composer in the USA, the international platform, and ourselves in both France and the USA.

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    We invite

    the production team and individuals interested in advancing this ambitious project to listen to the various versions. We appreciate your consideration and emphasize that our ambition stems from passion, not pretension.
    Sincerely, Kevin ACE – Sofiane MADI – Mister O – Laurent P.


Pop version

Funk version 3

PART IV (coming soon)


  • Fast and Furious, Fucking rolling stones (rock 2 version)

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